As the novel coronavirus is spreading globally, and serious antiviral efforts are ongoing, may we show forth the image and flagrance of Christ with humble hearts. In the coming 6 weeks, the SAGOS Institute of Preaching and Bible Exposition and the SAGOS Resource Center will release a series of articles for spiritual edification. The name of this series is “Spiritual Gas Station under the pandemic”, and its contents came from my work “Living Faith – Exposition of the Book of James”, as well as the collection of famous prayers in the book “Echoes from the Valley”, and will also be posted on the SAGOS website every Wednesday and Saturday.

We hope that friends of SAGOS and companions in Christ may turn their eyes towards the Lord in times of adversity, that our spirits may be gassed up, be recharged, and be strengthened. We pray for a speedy ending of the pandemic. You are welcome to share to your friends.

If there is a need, we will continue to deliver these encouraging messages upon the completion of the first series of 6-week effort.

Yours in Christ,
Johann Lai